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Webroot.com/safe – Enter Webroot Key Code

Are you using your pc or laptop to surf online without antivirus software and you don’t fear of virus or malware which can attack your system anytime? If you think you are protected without antivirus, then you are wrong. Antivirus is the necessary software you should use if you are surfing the internet. Webroot Secure Anywhere is the well-known antivirus software in the united states and the united kingdom. It is secure and easy to use and best in the industry as compared to its competitors. You can avail of the services through webroot.com/safe.

What is Webroot Key Code?

Webroot activation Keycode is the 20-digits alphanumeric set, which is used to activate webroot secure anywhere. You can find the webroot activation code on the backside of the retail card in case of offline purchase. If you bought it online then you can generate a webroot activation code using www.webroot.com/safe.

How to Download and Install Webroot?

1. Use these steps to download and install Webroot using webroot.com/safe.
2. Make sure that your device conforms to all the required specifications.
3. Have a glance at the license agreement for Webroot.
4. Make sure your internet connection is stable.
5. Get rid of any prevailing antivirus software installed in your device before downloading Webroot security software.
6. Navigate to www.webroot.com/safe to download the file if your purchase was online.

Activate Webroot Secure using CD

1. If you bought it from a store, inject the CD into the drive.
2. An installation window will pop up on your screen.
3. Get started by clicking on the link given on the screen.
4. Another option is to move to the CD drive window and double click on the Webroot installation file.
5. A Webroot Installation window will pop up.
6. Give your Webroot key code in the space.
7. Have a glance at the terms, click Agree and then, press the Install button. You can customize the installation by clicking on the Installation options button.
8. Now, press the Yes button in the User Account Control Window.
9. Fill all your registration details.
10. Provide your valid email address.
11. Then tap the Continue button.
12. Skim through the Webroot SecureAnywhere Agreement.
14. Redirect to the previous window.
15. Click on Agree and then press Continue.
16. Go with the given prompts and then allow the installation to get complete.

How to Activate Webroot on Windows?

Activate your Webroot software with the steps given below:

- Launch the Webroot Secure Anywhere software.
- Located the My Account at the bottom right corner and click the settings tab which is right next to it.
- Press the Keycode tab.
- Type your keycode in the given field.
- Lastly, click on Activate.

How to Activate Webroot on Mac?

Follow the bellow-mentioned steps in order to activate webroot on mac:

- Hit the Webroot icon on your desktop.
- When it opens, go to the drop-down menu.
- Click on the settings icon which is just beside the My Account option.
- Fill your Webroot key code in the space given.
- Finally, click on the Activate button. You have now activated the Webroot software on your system

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