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Microsoft Office is one of the best productivity suites around the world for managing professional projects. Whether you want to create and manage word-based documents, official presentations, data spreadsheets, newsletters, postcards, invitation, and brochure, Office assists you in all. Installing and activating Office is even easier these days as has everything you need to set up Office.

How to Redeem the Office Activation Code?

Several MS Office softwares, created to be utilized at home, comes along with a product key. If your Office setup came along with an Office activation code, then you have to claim it with the given below steps: 

1. Head to in a browser.
2. Sign to your Microsoft account.
3. If you are visiting Office for the first time, then make a new account on Office.
4. Provide your 25-character unique product key.
5. Follow the prompts to continue.
6. Voila, the product key is now redeemed. 

Here is how to download Office product to your device within no time:

1. Navigate to using an internet browser.
2. Head to the Sign In option.
3. Create a new account if you don’t have one.
4. Once you are signed in, head to Install Office.
5. In case you want to install Office 365, go to Install Office apps.
6. Hit the Install button.
7. Hold tight until the process wraps up.
8. Once the download reaches 100%, close the browser. 

Office Setup common problems with Solution

User Error (Wrong ID/password)
- check password and ID as so many times we rely more on saved passwords which sometimes are case sensitive, so make sure every letter is correct. If still, things are not working go through password reset steps below- If you’re employing a work or college account, visit . 

Update Reboots without Warning – This reboot could take place without warning, interrupting or even terminating the process you were busy with, sometimes even resulting in loss of data which is annoying. To combat this, head to Settings, Update & Security, and Windows Update, in this order. Once there, click on Advanced choices and eventually on give notice to Schedule Restart. this can build the software system arouse a boot instead of directly going for it. Server Platforms Issues- The type of server you’ve got running in your infrastructure will usually verify the dimensions of operation and the way it runs. This can be why it’s necessary to decide on the proper server kind for the wants of the corporate, before putting in and running it. If you’re facing any of the higher than Microsoft problems, strive the preceding solutions and speak to Microsoft support if any assistance is required.

General Functionality Issues- These are the most common problems round-faced by firms and corporations that have enforced the usage of Microsoft’s latest merchandise as a part of their operational infrastructure. However, sometimes, problems will occur once the installation has not been allotted by Microsoft-certified people and firms. The Solution is If you’re in want of Microsoft support within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, perpetually rent an honored company that incorporates a Microsoft certification, to put in the newest systems in your company.

How to uninstall and reinstall the Office setup?

Now and again, clients may experience blunders during the download or establishment process from the page. It can influence the product when the client attempts to deal with Office. For this situation, expelling the Office and introducing it again is the most ideal choice. In this manner, on the off chance that you mean to uninstall the arrangement of MS Office.

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