- Enter Product Key - Install & Activate McAfee - People store a lot of data on their smart devices thinking that they are secure. Images, videos, documents, sheets, and whatnot, everything is stored in our mobiles, PCs, and Mac devices. But how often do you think about your device security? Somebody might be working hard to access your personal or professional data. Yes, that’s scary!

Add McAfee to your life. McAfee is your ultimate warrior that detects and protects from any threats that might be entering your devices. McAfee is a security software provider that ensures your devices are 100% protected. All of its highly effective products work great with smart devices and make your devices threat-proof. 

Get McAfee by your side and protect your devices against XSS attacks, ransomware, and malicious cyber threats. Visit to download the McAfee products for your needs. Remember, security isn’t a choice; it’s a necessity. 

How to View The McAfee Activation Code?

McAfee works diligently to provide ease to its customers. It provides a 25-digit McAfee activation code that is used to redeem McAfee subscriptions. The code is alphanumeric, and it looks like this: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX. 

- If You Are An Offline Buyer
- If you have purchased any of the McAfee products from a retail store, then you will find the activation code somewhere on the retail card.
- If You Are An Online Buyer
- If you have purchased the McAfee products through an online mode, then the McAfee activation code must be sent to you on your registered email id.

How to Register For McAfee Account

Having a McAfee account is your first step towards a threat-free life. New To McAfee? Create your McAfee account now following these quick steps.

1- Open your browser and visit
2- From the homepage of the McAfee site, tap on “My Account”.
3- Can you find the “Sign in” option? Tap on it. Enter your registered id and password.
4- Click on “Log in”.
5- Want to create an account? Hit on “Register Now” to create your McAfee account.
6- Fill up the essential details.
7- Create a strong id and password for your new McAfee account.
8- Click on I Agree to continue.
9- Congratulations! Your McAfee account is successfully created.

How to Get Started With McAfee

McAfee anti-virus software shields your devices with harmful viruses. To get started with your antivirus software, visit to redeem your McAfee subscription. Follow the complete guideline.

1. Visit
2. Select your “Country” and “Language”.
3. The registration page will auto-detect your region.
4. If the result is incorrect, edit the region name manually.
5. It's time to use the McAfee activation code.
6. If you are an online purchaser, you will find the code in the inbox of your registered mail id.
7. If you are an offline user, you can find the code on the retail card.
8. Enter the code securely.
9. Now, enter the email id that’s registered and linked with McAfee.
10. Recheck all your information once.
11. Now, hit the “Submit” button.
12. Tap on “Edit” if you wish to make changes.
13. Once that’s done, click on the “Verify” button.
14 .Here you go!

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