123.hp.com/setup The 123.hp.com/setup is actually a website which is set up by HP technicians to help people set up their HP Printer by downloading the printer drivers and other software through this website. On this website you can find directions on how you can connect your HP Printer wirelessly, with help of USB cable and even things like how one can install a cartridge in the printer.

Setting up your HP Printer with 123.hp.com/setup

1. Make sure the Wi-Fi key and details entered are correct. Also ensure your internet is working and there is enough power. The USB should also be working.
2. Ensure that the firmware etc. of the printer is installed. Don’t give the printer too many printing jobs at once. Make sure the printer is free of dust etc.
3. The operating system should be updated as well.

Connecting HP Printer to Router

1. Once you switch on your printer, on the touchscreen head over to the network section.
2. The 123 setup will look for the routers available to connect with.
3. After which you will only have to put in the network key and the connecting starts.

Connect HP printer to mobile through 123 hp com setup

1. Switch on your HP printer and open the 123.hp.com website on your phone
2. Look for the model and name of printer you want to connect with
3. Add the printer to your mobile phone and begin installing

Connect HP Printer to MAC through 123 hp setup

1. First install printer driver on your MAC
2. Go to the 123.hp.com/setup website into the MAC page setup, and then reset printer from the Apple menu
3. Enter your Wi-Fi details, select system options from the menu, and select your printer/fax option
4. On the left hand corner, there is a plus sign. Once you click on this choose the internet protocol option
5. Once you type in the IP address, the process to connect HP printer to MAC computer through 123.hp.com/setup is started.

Setup Your HP Printer at 123.hp.com/setup

HP printers are recognized worldwide for their efficiency, vivid printing and ease of use. Whenever a printer is purchased, it is important that the requisite software is from the HP Printer software available at 123.hp.com. You have to go to the website, and look for the particular software which is suitable for your HP printer’s model and make.

Support and help relating to other details of your printer can also be obtained from 123.hp.com. The website has become an all-over go-to option for any grievances regarding an HP printer.

How do you setup your HP printer on the website 123.hp.com/setup?

1. When you head over to the website given above, go to the option which says devices and then further from the options available, select ‘settings’.
2. On the top panel, you will see the broad types of printers which HP creates being listed out. This is DeskJet, OfficeJet, ENVY, LaserJet etc.
3. You need to out of the options given, pick from these options which is the printer type that you have. 4. Once you select out of the options given above, say for instance you choose to select Office Jet because your printer is of OfficeJet type. After this, a box appears which asks for the exact model number and further details of your HP printer.
5. For your convenience, on this page you will also have details as to where to locate the model number of your printer on the printer itself.
6. One will also have recourse to the option in the case that one’s HP printer model is not listed in the given options at all.
7. The process from here onward would be for the person to type out the particular model and name of their printer in the box.
8. After you have typed in the name of your printer model etc. then it will redirect you to a page where you have the option of downloading the requisite software available to set up your printer. This is a necessary step.

Conclusively, one can also use the 123.hp.com/setup website for other things like seeking for help on possible problems that may arise with an HP printer usage. The customer care information and contact can also be accessed through this website, along with using it to download specifics about one’s software.

23 HP Printer Mobile Printing Solutions

HP ePrint Setup HP eprint service makes you to Print from any part of the world. But for doing this, we need eprint enabled Printer and a good high speed network connection.

• For enabling HP eprint services, you have to make Web services setup in your 123.hp.com/setup Printer.
• Go to home screen and select ePrint icon.
• Then click setup.
• Accept terms and Conditions for using Printer Web Services.
• After enable ePrint Setup you will find your Printer’s email address.
• Email the Document you want to print from your PC to the Printer mail address.

HP AirPrint Setup

Hp Printer Airprint Setup makes wireless Printing possible on your iPad,iPhone, and all Apple iOS v4.2 and later OS Versions with the ePrint enabled Printer.

• AirPrint Enabled Printers allows Mac OS and iOS Operating Systems to make Wireless Printing Directly.
• HP Airprint Setup doesn’t require any Driver Installation for Printing. It requires only WAP(Wireless Access Point).
• HP AirPrint Setup achieve High Quality Printing even Photos can be Printed clearly from iPhone,iPad and Mac without any Addon Software.

Note: This screen will change automatically when the 123 hp printer receives confirmation of registration.

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